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is a service provided purely as a informational tool for potential surgical patients who are considering Robotic Surgery, as well as physicians and developing engineers or anyone who would like to read up on the world-wide state of the art of surgical robotics and its procedural abilities.

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AVRA Medical Robotics, Inc.

AVRA Medical Robotics ( OTC: AVMR )

is a surgical digital technology company whose primary goal is to provide surgeons with the ability to achieve consistently excellent results for the patient. Employing advanced technology, AVRA is developing an intelligent robotic platform combining attributes of imaging with target acquisition and guidance to navigate with unprecedented accuracy and precision. These advanced, semi/autonomous systems will have boundless diagnostic and therapeutic applications – Target, Diagnose, Treat.

Medical Robotics History


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Surgical Robots

have entered the field in force. Robotic telesurgical machines have already been used to perform transcontinental cholecystectomy. Voice-activated robotic arms routinely maneuver endoscopic cameras, and complex master slave robotic systems are currently FDA approved, marketed, and used for a variety of procedures. It remains to be seen, however, if history will look on the development of robotic surgery as a profound paradigm shift or as a bump in the road on the way to something even more important...